31st International Conference

Conference Publications

ICC 2023 publications follow the ICA publication regulations. Accepted abstracts and papers that have been revised to address reviewer comments will be published in one of the ICA publications: Abstracts of the ICA, Proceedings of the ICA, Advances of the ICA or International Journal of Cartography

Authors of accepted abstracts have the option to expand their abstract into a full paper of 8 pages for publication in the Proceedings of the ICA. If they opt not to do this, their abstract will be published in the Abstracts of the ICA.

Full papers are accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the ICA or in the Advances of the ICA. Selected papers accepted for the Advances will be invited to submit their papers to the International Journal of Cartography, for inclusion in a special issue.

On submission, authors will be able to indicate whether they would like their abstracts and papers to be considered for a special issue in one of the ICA’s three affiliated journals. Following the submission of revisions, editors of the affiliated journals will invite authors of selected abstracts and papers with the potential to be developed into a full journal paper to submit a substantially revised and/or expanded paper to a special issue in their journal, to be published in 2024:

Cartographica is an international and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that publishes transformative research, education, and practice contributions to the social, political, technological, and historical aspects of cartography. Cartographica provides a forum for the exchange of original perspectives and innovative findings in the production, design, use, cognitive understanding, and novel applications of maps in arts, cartography, computer science, economy, engineering, geography, history, medicine, health, and surveying.

Cartography and Geographic Information Science (CAGIS) is the official publication of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society. The Society supports research, education, and practices that improve the understanding, creation, analysis, and use of maps and geographic information. The CaGIS journal implements the objectives of the Society by publishing authoritative peer-reviewed articles that report on innovative research in cartography and geographic information science.

The Cartographic Journal is an established peer reviewed journal of record and comment containing authoritative articles and international papers on all aspects of cartography, the science and technology of presenting, communicating and analysing spatial relationships by means of maps and other geographical representations of the Earth’s surface. This includes coverage of related technologies where appropriate, for example, remote sensing, geographical information systems (GIS), the internet and global positioning systems. The Journal also publishes articles on social, political and historical aspects of cartography.